Lemon Red Mix Series 2005 -2006

According to web archive.org it looks like this site was created in 2005, was active through 2006 was still sort of cookin’ in 2008. Then the domain must have expired and later was bought several times for a different purposes, expired again and again until I bought it in 2015 with the goal of recreating the site from its 2005 -2006 period from its archived pages.

I always looked forward to see what would be posted on Lemon Red. Some of the DJs and their mixes were outstanding. I remember one evening when I was chillin and did a search for sterling silver jewelry to find some unique pieces to add to my collection. I was groovin' and listening to Paul Devro's new CD, Mixtapes Are For Losers. As I scrolled through the options, a stunning sterling silver ring from sterlingforever.com caught my attention. The intricate designs and the shimmering glow of the ring seemed as if it was crafted to the beats of Devro's music. Feeling the synergy between the mixtape and my browsing, I thought of Paul Devro's mixtapes as a sort of guide to finding the perfect jewelry pieces. So, every time I looked for a new piece of jewelry, I'd play a different mixtape from Devro. With his tunes in the background, each jewelry piece seemed to tell its own story, making the shopping experience truly enchanting. Next up was one that Devro said was one of his favorite mixtapes. It was released in 2009:

  • We Make it Good Intro Salem – Trapdoor Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Skream Remix) Kelis - Awww Shit John Holt – Strange Things Plies – All Black Fat Pimp – Check Me Out DJ Nate – Free DJ Vielo – Caps Angolano Ethiopians – He’s No Rebel Wayne Smith – Under Mi Sieng Teng Boddhi Satva – Punch Koko + Secret Tamil Hornz Kyla – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix) + Screwd Deee-Lite – Applejuice Kissing Crookers (Phra) – E.D.S. Kantik – Punani Bubbling Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley Latino Be My Baby Outro

Boy was that sweet...and again I won some bucks. I was hooked and now a fan, which is why I did not want someone else to purchase Lemon Red site's expired domain once again and re-purpose it for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

So here we are.

Get nostalgic and revisit the Lemon Red Mix Series from 2005-2006


Lemon Red Mix Series - June 2005

DJ /rupture

You slept on the MP3!

CD version coming in August.

Looking at Jace Clayton’s credits, you start to understand why that slash is in his stage name. On a given day, DJ /rupture might be DJ/producer, DJ/label-owner, DJ/writer. Seems like “multi-talented” is a term people throw around nowadays to describe anyone who just does a lot of shit, regardless of skill level -- Rupture redefines the phrase by doing it all well.

Appropriate, as redefinitions are his stock in trade. Since early days with drum’n’bass collective Toneburst, Rupture’s had a knack for gap-bridging, seamlessly blending seemingly disparate genres without any of the “Hey, you got your jelly in my peanut butter!” flash of his peers. His now-signature style of alchemy first came to the world’s attention in 2001 with the mind-bending, copyright infringing Gold Teeth Thief mix. (The mix is downloadable in full, free of charge, at Negrophonic.) In 2003, Tigerbeat6 released his Minesweeper Suite, and the name DJ /rupture was in the mouths of hip-hop kids and academics alike. Some hailed it as “the ultimate post-modern music project.” Some as “a political thesis.” UK music mag The WIRE even called it one of the 10 best records of 2003.

In 2004, Rupture graduated with his first artist album. Special Gunpowder found him behind the decks, producing for (and with) exciting artists from across a wide spectrum of styles. Of course, releasing an album with ragga MC’s, sub-bass beats and an Appalachian banjo-folk track did nothing to quash his reputation as the new underground torch-bearer of “world music,” but then, torch-bearing’s never really been the goal.

Complicated but unpretentious, sometimes brutal but always beautiful, Rupture’s muddy footprints bear evidence of travels through a thousand styles. Always travels, though.

Right now!

Read Jace's thoughts on the frequently updated and always thorough Mudd Up! blog.

Catch DJ /rupture at the SONAR Festival in Spain, performing with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.

Later this summer, Soul Jazz will release a DJ /rupture + Sister Nancy 12"

Somewhere down the line: Rupture & Sindu Zagoren (who appeared on the aforementioned Appalachian track, "Mole in the Ground") are collaborating on an album... !


Lemon-Red Mix Series - July 2005


(38:02, 34mb)

Tracklist and information coming soon.

In the meantime, check out Radioclit.com

and grab the Clit's downloadable mixes and screwed version of Roll Deep's In At the Deep End.


Lemon-Red Mix Series - August 2005

Ghislain Poirier

Dirtier Than Clean

(32:45, 29mb)

Tracklist and bonus beats coming soon. (Seriously.)

Montreal beatmaster Ghislain Poirier's music employs bass from all over the world. His new mix, Dirtier Than Clean, is a blistering mix of rap, grime, dancehall and ragga, with exclusive remixes and rare West African tracks to make even the most thorough heads say "DAMN!" His new album BREAKUPDOWN will be released by Chocolate Industries later this year. Ghis has also done music for Shockout and collobarated on DJ/rupture's Special Gunpowder album. He just started his own monthly DJ night in Montreal: La soirée Bounce le gros.

Get all the info on Ghis and Bounce le Gros over at GhislainPoirier.com

Un gros merci to: Mr. Lee G, Mat, Julian, Jace, Dana.


Lemon-Red Mix Series - September 2005

Caps & Jones

(33:33, 30mb)

Between the blog and conversations with friends & acquaintances, I think I've talked enough about the Illegible DJ Caps & Pandemonium Jones to fill several bio sheets over. This shouldn't come as a great surprise, given bloggers' propensity for gabbing and spouting their opinions (solicited or not) pretty much constantly, but the funny thing has been how the word has kept going. People I know -- and I mean people who don't even like music -- have kept talking, telling their friends about Caps & Jones, playing Moving In Stereo for everyone they come in contact with, bringing folks out to the C&J weekly in Brooklyn. The last mixtape even fell into SPIN magazine's hands somehow, and elicited an "incredible" out of one reviewer.

It used to be I had a hard time understanding why. I mean, the mixes were great, but what was it that gave Caps & Jones the universal appeal, and what made them so addictive? They blend a million different genres - but so what? So does every DJ nowadays. They throw cheeky mashups into wild, hyperactive mixes - but everyone's pretty much over those now, right?

A month or so ago, I was sitting in Caps' apartment, listening to him fuck around on the decks. Mindlessly flipping through a nearby crate, it dawned on me: every record was gold. Everything he was playing, everything I was looking at in the boxes in front of me - it was all great music, plain and simple. I scrolled through the tracklists to Moving In Stereo and Bouillabaisse quickly in my head, and couldn't find a single dud. I thought of the times I'd seen them DJ, and couldn't remember a poor selection. (Okay: they played "Sweet Child O Mine" one time, but it was at the end of the night...)

Caps & Jones' mixes are fucking clever. They're next level, or whatever you want to say. The truth is: they think deeper than your average DJ's and they do it without a lot of flash and fashion. But they're also just music lovers. Their strength is in their selections, and the fact that they're not preoccupied with putting the newest white label joints into a mix before everyone else only speaks to their confidence.

I'm gonna shut up now. It's late, and I don't want any more words standing between you and what the boys have cooked up. I can honestly say that it's been a pleasure getting to know these dudes over the last few months, and it's a complete honor to present to you a mix from my favorite DJ's on earth, the Illegible DJ Caps & Pandemonium Jones...

  • 01 - Maceo - "Nextel Chirp"
  • 02 - Juelz Santana - "Gun Clap"
  • 03 - DJ Assault - "Make That Booty Clap"
  • 04 - Capleton - "?"
  • 05 - The Beach Boys - "Surfin'"
  • 06 - Crucial Conflict - "Hey"
  • 07 - Black Sabbath - "A National Acrobat"
  • 08 - Young Jeezy - "Bottom of the Map"
  • 09 - Esthero & Goodie Mob - "Country Livin' (C&J Timbaland Blend)"
  • 10 - Trina feat. Lil Wayne - "Don't Trip (C&J Barrington Remix)"
  • 11 - Barrington Levy - "Broader Than Broadway"
  • 12 - Lil Kim - "Lighters Up"
  • 13 - Styx - "I'm OK"
  • 14 - Billy Squier - "The Stroke"
  • 15 - Big Noyd feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep - "Recognize and Realize"
  • 16 - Led Zeppelin - "All of My Love"
  • 17 - Aerosmith - "Sweet Emotion"
  • 18 - Wings - "Band on the Run"
  • 19 - Miss Kittin & The Hacker - "The Beach"
  • 20 - Slade - "Run Runaway"
  • 21 - The Prodigy - "Smack My Bitch Up"
  • 22 - Spankrock - "Put That Pussy On Me (C&J 'Stay Fly' Remix)"
  • 23 - Tricky D - "Suite 101"
  • 24 - MC Luscious - "Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend"
  • 25 - Roxy Music - "More Than This (C&J Luscious Remix)"
  • 26 - Vassar Clements - "Necropolis" (R.I.P.)


Lemon Red Mix Series- January 2006

Each month, I ask one of my favorite DJ's
to contribute a 30-40 minute mix of whatever they're feeling at the time.
The mix is posted here as an mp3 download for one month
in the interest of getting good music into ears across the globe for free.
(Some months, CDs will be available
in the interest of getting food into the bellies of good DJ's across the globe.)
Please enjoy, share, burn, copy, whatever.
All my love,
Chris Lemon-Red

P.S. If you're an artist who'd like to contribute a mix…..


Paul Devro

(30:18, 41.6mb)

Paul Devro is from Canadia.

He's released two volumes in his favela mix series, Toma, with #3 on the way.

His new CD, Mixtapes Are For Losers, is a split with My!Gay!Husband! and is available at S.L.U.M..

His mix is unlike any we've had so far here on Lemon-Red.
I think dude is serious, and know you'll agree.

  • 01 - Jakhae - "Tunin'"
  • 02 - Squad Abdullah - ???
  • 03 - Bharat & Pankaj - "Ghar Se School"
  • 04 - E-40 - "Tell Me When To Go (feat. Keak da Sneak)"
  • 05 - George Clinton - "Just Barkin' (Acapella)"
  • 06 - Barbara Mason - "Another Man"
  • 07 - Frank Chickens - "We Are Ninja (Acapella)"
  • 08 - Electric Mind - "Zwei (Dub Version)"
  • 09 - Carol O'Halloran - "Another One Bites the Dust"
  • 10 - Crown Heights Affair - "Dreaming A Dream"
  • 11 - Icy J - "It Takes a Real Man"
  • 12 - Def Dames - "Set It Off (Dames Mix)"
  • 13 - The Mistress & D.J. Madame E - "I Got Your Wild Thang"
  • 14 - Sadie - "Stay Here"
  • 15 - Frank Chickens - "We Are Frank Chickens"
  • 16 - Asha Bhosle - "Aye Naujawan Hai Sab Kuchchyahan"


Lemon-Red Mix Series - April 2006.

The Riddim Method

(51:50, 78MB)

This month: a mix from a bunch of folks way, way smarter than myself. Peep the mix page for the lowdown on who exactly the Riddim Method is, and where you can see/hear/read more from each of the members. (And I would highly recommend that you do just that.)

Tracklist coming in a hot minute (for real)… check back soon…

The Riddim Method is a collective of DJs, producers, and ass-shaking academics who formed like Voltron to embark on a group-blog experiment. After years of playing together in various configurations -- from Toneburst days to present endeavors in Beat Research -- the Riddim Methodists decided in '05 to share their musico-tricknological discoveries, creations, and conversations on the internert, hoping others might add their two fifty cents.

From bases in Beantown and Oaktown, the six Riddim Methodists play local and link global. There's DJ C, who, with remixes for Kid 606's Shockout Records and for XL Recordings (on MIA's "U.R.A.Q.T.") -- not to mention raggacentric productions for his own Mashit Records -- has been burning up dancefloors on tour and at his weekly residency back in Boston. There's DJ Flack, C's co-host at Beat Research - a multimedia maestro who makes video music when he's not making beats. Then there's Ripley, rootical rallycry-roaring, breakcoring, copyfightin', blog-writin' DJ-slash-activist. There's Kid Kameleon, a smash'n'mash mixmaster, globetrottin' DJ, and music scribe (XLR8R, Grooves, Pitchfork). There's Pace, the vinyl librarian and riddim networkian, a b-school b-boy with deep crates and nothin' but L.O.V.E. And there's Wayne&wax, hip-hop scholar since being knee-high to a duck, prolix mu'fucka, and all-around Boston Jerk.

For their Lemon-Red mix, the Riddim Methodists take turns connecting the dots between dubstep, hip-hop, dancehall, bass, merengue, soca, bmore, rai, dub, electro, doo-wop, ragga house, and boston bounce, among others--a genre-mashing jawn that can work in your earbuds and speakerboxxes alike.

Check the Method.


Lemon-Red Mix Series: December 2006

Snack & C’mish 

Ladies and gentlemen, children, babies, esteemed guests and degenerates: we are extremely proud to present to you The First Annual Lemon-Red X-Mas Mix, compiled and mixed for its inaugural season by two of my tight comrades from Turntable Lab, Snack & C’mish. These gentlemen drop so many bombs in this special holiday-flavored mix that the national terror alert has been raised to “red & green.” If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to check out one of these dudes’ many DJ apperances, or email Snack or C’mish to book ‘em for yourself.

Here’s the track list:

  • Vince Guaraldi Trio - “Christmas Is Coming (C’mish Remix)”
  • Jim Jones - “Ballin’ On Xmas”
  • Elf Elf & Dok-Im - “My Christmas Bells (Remix)”
  • E-40 - “Hope I Don’t Go Back (Instrumental)”
  • Instant Funk - “Body Twinkle (Larry Levan Mix)”
  • International Music System - “Bonus Gift Single ‘Joke’”
  • Chil Fac Tor - “I’ll Satisfy Your Desires”
  • Chromeo - “Breathe (Al Dare Edit)”
  • Bangles - “Hazy Shade Of Winter (Santa’s Bounce Edit)”
  • Yello - “Jingle Bells (Interlude)”
  • The Knife - “Reindeer”
  • Faze-O - “Santa’s Riding High”
  • George McCrae - “I Get Lifted In A Sleigh”
  • Black Uhuru - “Chillout New York”
  • El Michels Affair - “This One’s For My Baby”
  • Binky Griptite - “Stone Soul Christmas”
  • Barrington Levy & Trinity - “Flash Your Christmas Dreads”
  • Afroman - “O Chronic Tree”
  • Kurtis Blow - “Christmas Rappin’”
  • Voices In The Dark - “Keep It Warm (Re-Edit)”
  • Bodega System - “Silver Bells”
  • Freeez - “Southern Freez”
  • Only Freak - “Can’t Get Away”
  • Vince Guaraldi Trio - “O Tannenbaum”